Frauds and Imposters

Here at BCC Orlando (Beaver Custom Choppers) owned and operated by Rick Hedrick we take the Business/Life of choppers serious. Our attention to quality, design and accuracy cannot and will not be equaled! Be it blueprints or laser/CNC parts, each is inspected to be the finest so you get the finest!

There unfortunately are those that feel it necessary to STEAL rather than to work hard. We have years of experience and are willing to help all of those in need. Through our over willingness there have been a few unscrupulous individuals that have TAKEN our offer to help and put to THEIR advantage. All of the information including the BCC Orlando site are Copyrighted (Domestic and International) by BCC Orlando and Rick Hedrick. But obviously the Copyright LAWS mean nothing to some. Yes slime is slippery and these fraudulent individuals do their best to stay just out of reach. They may be able to 'COPY' our prints, 'COPY' our site but they will NEVER be able to 'COPY' or compromise our experience and customer service. We are confident that these trolls will eventually get caught up in their own lies and incompetence.

BCC Orlando owns the Trademark name Chopperblueprints and is in no way associated with the individual illegally using the same User ID name on eBay. Oh well, we got that one shut down anyway.

Please feel free to contact me at 407.493.6174 or by email with any questions or comments.